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02 Mar 2021   software   0

I can never remember the name of the son of my cousin (first cousin, once removed?). Heck, quite a number of my cousins are married now and I don’t always remember the name of their partners. While I don’t care too much being labelled as a “terrible human being” by my cousins, I do feel bad for their partners, even though I don’t care if they remember my name.


Building a simple feed from the API of a Mastodon instance

31 Jan 2021   coding   0

You’ll probably want to skip ahead if you already know what Mastodon is. Mastodon is a Twitter-like microblogging service. Where it differs from Twitter is that it is a decentralized service, i.e. there is no central place where all toots (the equivalent of tweets) from every user in the Mastodon universe, also known as the Fediverse, live. Instead, your toots live with one instance of Mastodon, the instance that you signed up with.