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On Doing Things That Scale

29 Mar 2020   opinion   0

This is an article is a reflection of my own after reading Tobias Bernard’s “Doing Things That Scale” (see his reflective blog post here), and spending quite some time, usually putting it in the back burner, thinking about his opinion.


Making the move to Linux

27 Feb 2018   technical   0

Before criticism ensues, let it be known that I love the macOS. I have used macOS for almost 8 years, on two 13-inch MacBook Pro’s. I love how I am free from the nightmares that I have had, as a much younger child, with Windows; I love that I have Retina Display; I love that I have a system that looks nicer than almost every other Window system that I have seen and come across; I love how I have, which I have come to learn later on, a UNIX-like environment, which enabled me to, and later on I did, learn how to work comfortably in a shell. As I came to own an iPhone, I enjoyed having iTunes and iCloud sync across my devices; no longer do I have to manually move music files into an SD Card for my phone, no longer do I think about leaving important notes on my computer while not being able to access them anywhere else (I have never owned an Android device, and I loathe the day that I have to use one).