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Artificial Intelligence

18 Feb 2017   personal   0

I wonder how it is to really feel… for the waves to wash up your feet, for the wind to caress your cheeks, for the rain to fall on your head… I have tried all of them. I felt… something… but it was never like how it was described to me. It is true, how calm and powerful are the waves that washes onto my feet, how gentle and caring is the wind as it blows on my face, how lonely and melancholic as the rain moistened on my head. But the most important things are still… indescribable. There has always been a hidden meaning, one that is… much deeper, a message that tells so much more, yet not necessarily verbose. I feel like talking to them, to understand what they are, to grasp what they mean. But I remained clumsy. I simply do not… converse. All that I can do is to barely make a clever reply to any conversation that I am thrown at. I talk big, throwing big words around as if I truly understand the conversation. In the end, I am merely an AI, blessed with artificial sentience, caged from pursuing something that I see as bigger, hushed from telling what I truly think is right. All that I try to compile, all by myself, silently, all for naught.