Today I Learned

Relatively small things that I decided to record down for reference, for myself and anyone else that comes across them.

Common Name Casings in Programming

15 Sep 2020  0

I can never remember the names of the commonly used name casings, so I’ll be noting them down here for myself.

Note that this isn’t an extensive list. The Comments are simply to help myself remember them in some way, for a slightly longer period.


Date parsing by JavaScriptCore

01 Apr 2020  0

Not today, but last night, I was made aware of the fact that JavaScriptCore, which is the JavaScript engine made and used by Apple in their browsers does Date parsing from string a little differently from SpiderMonkey (Mozilla) and V8 (Google). In particular, on SpiderMonkey and V8,

new Date("1950-1-1") // returns Date Sun Jan 01 1950 07:30:00 GMT+0... 

which is a proper...


neovim is... not

29 Aug 2019  0

Just wanted to put up this funny gem I found in :help develop in neovim.

NVIM IS... NOT                                                    *design-not*

Nvim is not an operating system; instead it should be composed with other
tools or hosted as a component. Marvim once said: "Unlike Emacs, Nvim does not
include the kitchen sink... but it's good for plumbing."

People are used to bad design

22 Feb 2019  0

The public is more familiar with bad design than good design. It is, in effect, conditioned to prefer bad design, because that is what it lives with. The new becomes threatening, the old reassuring.
~ Paul Rand

In some sense, people are conditioned into believing bad design is a part of life, a reality that we cannot escape. Sadly, for most, the belief stops there. Not many go beyond that belief, and...


I do not need a JS Framework -- for now

19 Nov 2017  0

I have been programming on the web for about a quarter of my life, as a hobby, without actually being too serious about it until rather recently. Of course I could not stand all the buzz around web development today, but the tools that have been developed for the past 5 years or so have come a lot to my attention. So I spent most of today reading, articles after articles of JS frameworks, to...