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Ricing macOS

24 Jan 2018   technical   0

I’m not someone that can really hide my excitement at seeing beautifully crafted setups; my last post about ncmpcpp is a proof of that. Well, sort of. I’ve dreamed of having my own setup for the longest time, although it is only until recently that I started to pay more attention to automation tools and tiling window managers. Of course, there are no tiling window managers that work natively on macOS, but that does not stop the community from coming up with ways to achieve that, giving birth to tools like Amethyst and Hammerspoon. I’ve used both for some time, didn’t really get attached to Amethyst, and Hammerspoon can only do so much with window management, although I still use Hammerspoon for that nice emoji selector.


mpd + mpc + ncmpcpp on macOS Sierra

05 Aug 2017   coding   0

This was a fun thing I was doing by the side and thinking it would be pretty neat to have a music player right from my terminal, with hotkeys that allow me to blaze through my playlists and library. That was definitely something that iTunes could not do, not without clicking all over the application, fumbling through your songs that has the same title and cover art but of different versions or different instruments, which I would usually append with something like (violin) or (piano) to the title, over the tiny dropdown from the search bar. To clarify, I do not dislike the iTunes app. I used it very frequently, and I use an iPhone. It is a decent app, but not particularly great.